Proposition 22, which was passed in 2000 by an overwhelming margin of 61%, is better known as the California Defense of Marriage Act prohibiting same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, our state judges have overturned the will of the people and reinterpreted God's definition of what a marriage, a family, and a society should look like. The Lord not only created marriage but He defined it as being between a male and a female, between a husband and a wife with the intent of procreating a family.

With Proposition 8, we can place into California's constitution the simple definition that "marriage is between a man and a woman" - so no judge can overturn the will of the people again. That is why a "YES!" vote on Proposition 8 is needed this November 4th.

There are times when we need to speak up and take a stand or we may lose our ability to ever truly speak the truth again. To fail to protect marriage is to surrender our religious liberties, and take us one step closer to forfeiting our ability to even proclaim Jesus.

Prop 8 in Plain English

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